a fictional brewery?

what does that mean?

Well, I mean it doesn’t exist, sadly. Hawksridge, Vermont isn’t a real place and there is no Fiona nor Ahmad. 1

But the design behind it does exist! I made this design to showcase some possibilities for effective communication for small businesses.

Budget-constrained small businesses often rely on commodified design, but they deserve more. Commodified services are selling ready-made templates and patterns, but they can’t help you stand out from the crowd. People should tell their stories. Design should be bold and memorable. In my work, I dissent against sameness and mediocrity in design and communication. As a small business, your products or services are unique, and your customers value your personal touch — why should your web presence be any different?

As an independent designer and developer, I can work with you to craft designs uniquely suited to your project’s needs. I can lead a project from start to finish, from planning and conceptualization to coding and implementation. And because I work alone or with a lean team, I can still keep costs low.

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I wrote more about how this project was put together. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to show you how it works.

  1. Ruby the dog is real, but her name is actually Sapphie«