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We are a small but spirited fictional brewery in Hawksridge, Vermont.

Just two years ago, Ahmad and I moved back to my family’s old home in Vermont after some time in Michigan and realized we had the room to ramp up our beer making. Now, I’ve committed full time to being the Wintershead brewmaster, with assistance from Ahmad (and of course our dog Ruby!) on the business end.

Landscapes define life in Vermont, and as writers we have always had a special love for the language of landscape. Our beers are inspired by their relation to the land around us.

Hope to see you soon –


Ruby the dog in the woods

Ruby, the dog


Visit Wintershead Brewing Company:

234 Fictional Farm Road
Hawksridge, VT 05462

We offer free tastings, sell bottled drinks, fill growlers, and offer tours. We’d love to meet you!

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open for visits

  • Thursday 11-7

  • Friday 11-7

  • Saturday 11-8

  • Sunday 11-8

  • closed Monday through Wednesday, national holidays

where to find our beer

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